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The last thing a business owner needs is to unnecessarily unnerve customers, vendors, and employees with premature news that the company is for sale


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Selling Your Business with Midwest Group

Dialog & Partnership

The key to a successful business sale is a strong partnership with your broker.  We invest the time to not only learn about your business, but understand your situation, motivation, and goals.  We also make certain to thoroughly know your business's current status.  To market it correctly we have to know it: the good, the bad, and the possible.

Each year close to one million businesses transfer ownership.  Of these, the overwhelming majority sell for between $100,000 and $12,000,000.  These companies are comprised of closely held corporations, family busineses, sole proprietorships, and partnerships producing revenues of $300K to $20M per year.  In other words, small businesses just like yours.  In almost all cases the small business is one of the largest financial assets of the owner.  Yet, most owners are correctly focused on running and growing their business.  Not selling it.  Retaining professional representation in the sale of one of your largest financial assets is key to maximizing value and getting to the closing table.  For over 30 years Midwest Group has been helping clients confidentially prepare, market, negotiate, and close the sale of their business.  We recognize that, in many cases, the sale of a small business represents a life's work, and our professional, skilled team works tirelessly to maximize your exit value and find the right buyer to continue all that you've built. Let Midwest Group's experienced team guide you through this intricate and important process. 

The business sales process

Information & Evaluation

Preparation is vital to a successful transaction.  Our team reviews financial information, and, in partnership with the owner, determines the true discretionary earnings of the business.  We analyze the company's history, market position, growth, management, industry.  Finally, we look at how likely the company is to transition smoothly (customer, employee, supplier retention).

Price & Preparation

Midwest Group will recommend to the owner an asking price range based on the business information provided, as well as current market conditions.  The final decision on asking price is always the owner's.  We then assimilate this information and, using our time-tested processes, prepare the necessary marketing materials for the sale of the business.

Confidentially Market & Qualify

Marketing the business behind the scenes safeguards business interruptions.  We use any number of techniques to confidentially seek a buyer.  We draw on our broad network and let today's technology work for us.  Each prospect signs a confidentiality agreement and signifies he/she has sufficient assets prior to any revealing information being released

Meet & Greet

Midwest interacts with prospects on your behalf.  We answer questions and positively position the company, but more importantly we guage the prospect's interest and aptitude for the seller's business.  If the prospect has sufficient interest we next facilitate and moderate a buyer/seller meeting to spur further interest and foster a relationship between both parties.

Offer & Negotiation

We reinforce the positives of the company, and if the fit is right, work to elicit an offer.  Once an offer is made we work on your behalf in the negotiations.  Having a capable intermediary is key in this phase as it allows your positions to be presented in the most logical, disarming light.  This helps keep emotions down and momentum up as all parties work towards a deal.

Due Diligence & Closing

During the crucial due diligence phase we work with you, your attorney, and accountant to properly comply with the information requests of the buyer. We strive to make the due diligence period as smooth as possible, allowing information to be provided and reviewed in a timely manner as we help the parties systematically work towards and through a successful closing.