New AI tool for detecting facial palsy and more briefs

Also, an ear health awareness app for indigenous children has received $1 million in funding from the Western Australia government.
By Adam Ang
12:57 am

Photo: Hero Images/Getty Images

New AI app for facial palsy screening

Computer scientists from Australia and Iraq have developed an AI-based diagnostic tool to detect facial palsy.

They have come up with a detection system for facial palsy featuring a microcomputer, digital camera, and deep learning algorithm.

Based on an entry in the journal BioMedInformatics, researchers from the Middle Technical University in Baghdad and the University of South Australia have trained computer vision systems using a dataset of 26,000 images to recognise the condition. Their algorithm was able to detect facial palsy in 20 participating patients with 98% accuracy.

Besides identifying facial palsy, the researchers noted that the algorithm can also potentially help prevent misdiagnosis, which occurs in up to 20% of cases.

Ear health app for Aboriginal children gets $1M 

Developers of a mobile app that helps raise awareness of ear health and mental wellbeing of Aboriginal children have received nearly A$1.5 million ($1 million) in grant funding from the Western Australia government.

The SoundSmiles app is a project by researchers from Monash University, together with Curtin University and Ear Science Institute Australia. It engages children and students in activities related to their ears and wellbeing, as well as helps increase their digital literacy skills. 

The grant funding will support the second phase of the project, including its delivery to Pilbara and South-West communities that codesigned the app.

HeraMED announces integration into MedicalDirector Clinical

HeraMED has partnered with Telstra Health to integrate its remote pregnancy solution into its GP management platform.

According to a media release, they intend to integrate HeraCARE into the MedicalDirector Clinical software, which Telstra Health now operates after purchasing MedicalDirector last year.

The integration allows Telstra Health's primary care clients to provide prenatal healthcare through remote pregnancy monitoring.